Whytecliff, West Vancouver

Whytecliff Park is situated just west of Horseshoe Bay. This beautiful corner of Howe Sound has a rugged coastline and spectacular views of colourful mountains and passing boats. The waters off the park are famous for their incredible diving. You’ll also find a playground, picnic spots, a swimming beach and tennis courts in the 15+ hectare park. Situated in the rugged coastline along the shores of Howe Sound in West Vancouver, the scenic mountains and passing boats offer spectacular views for visitors to Whytecliff Park to enjoy. Not only does Whytecliff Park have a series of hiking trails but you can also explore the beach and island area, have a family picnic in the park, or even scuba dive in what’s known as a famous area for underwater diving. The park is divided into two sections, with the upper section having the majority of hiking trails and being much quieter than the beach area. There are some short trails from the beach and along the shoreline edge near the main parking lot but if you want to explore the hiking trails, you will have to start from the top of the overflow parking lot. At the top of the overflow parking, a small trail climbs steeply into the forest. A short climb up the hill and there is an unmarked set of rock stairs on the right which are easy to miss. The viewpoint at the top of these stairs used to overlook Batchelor Bay but the trees have grown over the years to block this view. Back on the main trail and another short walk uphill, the trail forks at a fire hydrant into what is the first of a few loops. You will want to plan your route so that you take one part of the loop first and then return via the other part of the loop. Go left at the junction and up a short hill to where a bench sits overlooking Howe Sound and the passing ferry and sailboats below. Continue along the trail as it winds around the rock. Stay to the left and walk out onto a rocky clearing as it gradually descends before meeting up with another trail. Go left and continue your hike, staying left at the next two junctions and catching glimpses of the occasional view of Howe Sound. Eventually the trail meets a final junction where a short trail on the right takes you out of the park and into a nearby neighbourhood. Go right at this junction and begin the loop back to the overflow parking lot. This section of trail weaves through a forested area that is quiet compared to the popular beach area of the park that most people are familiar with. Not far along the trail, go left at the junction and continue walking through the forest.

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